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Fur-Friendly Stays at Sanctuary in the Pocket

We are an Eco Friendly property with a wide range of wildlife, native birds, chickens and have 2 dogs permanently on the property,

NO CATS Allowed. 

All well-mannered pets are welcome. We reserve the right to require immediate removal of any pet that displays dangerous or unacceptable behaviour, including, but not limited to, biting, excessive noise (such as barking), evidence of disease, or urination/defecation in public areas.

Guest to confirm number and breed of pets upon booking. Limitations may apply and we reserve the right to refuse your pet on booking.  For a comfortable stay for you and your pet, a maximum of 2 pets is allowed per villa.

While staying in our retreat space please be informed of the following:

Pets must comply with local legislation requirements.

Pet must be fully trained and appropriately restrained by the guest (you) and under supervision at all times.

All pets must be clean, well-groomed, and completely free of fleas and ticks.

Pets must be kept on a leash when on the 5 Acre property unless in the guest’s private accommodation area. and inside the fenced areas of your cottage. Your pet is not allowed to roam anywhere outside the villa fenced areas.

Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pet on hotel property and in the neighbourhood. Any disturbances such as barking must be curtailed to ensure other guests are not inconvenienced.

Guests agree not to leave any pet/s unattended. You are required to take your pet with you if you leave Sanctuary in the Pocket for sightseeing or touring or organise pet sitting through guest services.

Sanctuary in the Pocket and its employees shall not be liable for any loss, injuries, or illness of any pet for any reason whatsoever.

Service dogs are exempt.

Fees & Charges

Please be aware that a non-refundable pet fee of $150.00 per stay will be charged to cover the cost of additional and necessary cleaning in preparation for our next guest. If room fumigation is required due to pest infestation an additional fee over and above the cleaning fee will apply.

A non-refundable pet fee of $500 charged to my account upon arrival.

A valid credit card number must remain on file at the front desk.

Damage to Guest Rooms and Common Areas – Your hotel account will be charged for the repair or replacement cost for any damage caused by your pet. 

Guest Pet Policy

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Full Terms & Conditions

Full Terms & Conditions

Guests are responsible for all property damage (including and not limited to accommodation rooms) and/or personal injuries resulting from their pet. Sanctuary in the Pocket reserves the right to charge the guest’s account commensurate to the cost of any damages.

Guests take complete responsibility for their pet’s behaviour and supervision while they stay with us. At all times, the guest shall maintain and keep the property in a good and sanitary condition.

Guests are responsible for cleaning up after the pet on property grounds and properly disposing of the waste. To ensure other guests are not inconvenienced, any disturbances such as barking must be curtailed.

Pets left unattended, for a period of more than forty-eight (48) hours, shall be considered abandoned and shall be reported to the proper authorities. The registered guest shall indemnify Hotel Management for any costs, losses, or damages which may result from such action being taken.

Noise/Disruptive Complaints:

Pet owners will be required to promptly address any complaints made by fellow guests regarding noise or any other such disturbance that may be caused by the pet/s. In the event that any pet becomes overly disruptive or in any way aggressive towards other guests or employees, the pet must be removed from the property. In the event that any pet is considered dangerous by the Property Management, it shall immediately be removed from the property by the guest. If property management receives more than 3 (three) complaints, alternative arrangements must be made for a pet. The non-refundable pet fee will not be refunded once the pet has been in the guest suite.

Property damage

All equipment required for the upkeep, and feeding of pets are to be provided by the guest. Under no circumstances shall any equipment within the property be used for animal use, this includes the use of a hotel bathtub, available towels, and linen for your pets. Any use of linen for their pets is to incur corresponding charges. Stained linen will be charged twice the regular laundry rate while permanently stained linens will be charged with a corresponding replacement fee.

You are responsible for all property damage (including and not limited to accommodation rooms) and/or personal injuries resulting from their pet. A $500 security deposit is required upon check-in. The security deposit will cover any damages incurred which may include but are not limited to, stained bedding, stained carpet, stained linen, scratches on the furniture, scratches on the floor, infestation, extra cleaning that may be required, and/or lost revenue charges while the unit is out of service due to cleaning and repairs.

Housekeeping and Maintenance Service:

Guests agree to make accommodation available for housekeeping and/or maintenance needs if required, and will arrange to have my pet out of the suite to accommodate this service. The guest suite is subject to damage inspection at any time and upon checkout.

The room/s will be inspected upon check out. After confirmation and clearance that no damage was found in the room and no extra cleaning efforts were required, the security deposit shall be returned. If damage incurred costs more than the security deposit, Sanctuary in the Pocket can charge your credit card or otherwise take action to recover damage.

The guest shall strictly comply with the Pet Policy Agreement and other rules and regulations which may be issued by Sanctuary in the Pocket Management. Property Management reserves the right to require room changes, removal of pet/s from the property, refuse or discontinue service without refund if, in the management’s sole discretion, the pet is considered dangerous, unhealthy, or likely to frighten, harm, disrupt hotel guests, has damaged hotel property, or for failure to abide by these policies.

The guest accepts full responsibility for any and all liability, claims, losses, costs, and expenses including reasonable attorney fees, for personal injury or property damage that may be caused by or attributed to their pet/s. The guest agrees to make any reimbursement for such damages on demand. Any damage caused by the pet(s) shall be charged to the registered guest and must be paid immediately upon the presentation of an invoice.

The guest agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Hotel Management, its owners, and employees from any and all liability, claims, losses, costs and expenses including reasonable attorney fees arising out of or relating to any claim for personal injury or property damage caused by or attributed to their pet/s.